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St Saviour's Church Schools


Below is our termly assembly plan. Please keep an eye on the school calendar and newsletters for changes and special celebrations. 

We invite everyone to take part in our daily prayers and understand that whilst some may wish to participate, those who choose not to, can understand and be considerate of others’ beliefs.


This year, children have also been volunteering to lead Assemblies based around the school themes and Assembly topics. Below are some of these Assemblies.


Term 4 Assemblies, 2022


With St Patrick's Day around the corner, a group of Year 4's decided to plan an assembly to explain what St Patrick's Day is and why people celebrate it. The group of Year 4's planned what they wanted to share and then researched the information they each needed. They created a colourful presentation and confidently shared their Assembly with the School.

They were also surprised to find out that St Patrick is also a Patron Saint of Nigeria as well!

Term 3 Assemblies 2022


A group of Year 5's planned an assembly around supporting others, which they shared in a Year 5 and 6 Assembly. They designed top tips to advise everyone. Their ideas included speaking to play leaders, 3 B4 Me in their learning, how to help if someone is hurt, using the Friendship Stops and feeling confident with making decisions on who and how to play. 

Their assembly also included a game, to get children involved in the Assembly, by working together and remembering what others had said!

Term 2 Assemblies 2021

A group of Year 6's chose to lead an assembly about differences. They chose to explore famous people that they knew who had experienced difficulties because of who they were and how they overcame them. With Year 5 and 6, they spoke about Ed Sheeran, Rosa Parks and Nina Simone.

They lead a game that encouraged everyone to share their differences and asked children to think about what made each of us different and how we could use these differences for positive things.

Assemblies for Term 3 and 4