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St Saviour's Church Schools

Class 2: Mrs Malim

Revision support:


Wednesday 11th March 2020


continue working through your Power Maths and Times tables Rock Stars



Clauses; p24-26

Conjunctions; p27

White book: 32-34


Thursday 12th March 2020


Work through your Problem Solving and Reasoning paper you have been given back


How to plan 
Identifying Audience and Purpose 
How to Develop Your Writing 
Drafting and Improving Your Writing

Blue book: 32-35       QQ 33, 35


Also, work through your SPaG paper you have been given back. 


Monday 16th March

How to Start Your Story; p36

Who’s Telling The Story; p77

Describing Things Well; p38

Three Cool Types of Image; p39


White book: 31, 35


Wednesday 18th March


Writing Speech; p40

Using the Same Old Words is Boring; p41

Writing a Formal Letter; p42

Using Formal Language; p43

White book: 38

A massive thank you to Grevil and Richard for coming into school to do some amazing workshops with the children this week.  We have had so much fun and we have definitely learnt some new skills!

Stay and Play

Stay and Play  1
Stay and Play  2
Stay and Play  3
Stay and Play  4
Stay and Play  5
Stay and Play  6
Stay and Play  7
Stay and Play  8
Stay and Play  9
Stay and Play  10
Stay and Play  11
Stay and Play  12
Stay and Play  13
Stay and Play  14
Stay and Play  15
Stay and Play  16

Acting Workshop

Acting Workshop 1
Acting Workshop 2
Acting Workshop 3
Acting Workshop 4
Acting Workshop 5
Acting Workshop 6
Acting Workshop 7
Acting Workshop 8
Acting Workshop 9
Acting Workshop 10
Acting Workshop 11

Circus Skills

Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood

Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood  1
Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood  2
Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood  3
Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood  4
Question a Christian with Rachel Leigh-Wood  5

Coil Clay Pots

Coil Clay Pots 1
Coil Clay Pots 2
Coil Clay Pots 3
Coil Clay Pots 4

Buddies - class 2 and Nursery

Well being week - Yoga

Well being week - Yoga 1
Well being week - Yoga 2
Well being week - Yoga 3
Well being week - Yoga 4
Well being week - Yoga 5
Well being week - Yoga 6
Well being week - Yoga 7
Well being week - Yoga 8
Well being week - Yoga 9
Well being week - Yoga 10
Well being week - Yoga 11
Well being week - Yoga 12
Well being week - Yoga 13
Well being week - Yoga 14
Well being week - Yoga 15

Welcome to Class Two


Check this page for weekly spellings as well as photographs and important messages. 


Remember, you need your PE kit in school on Mondays and Thursdays.


Mrs Merrett will be going on Maternity leave on February 7th and Mrs Malim will start teaching Class 2 on February 10th.



Optical Art with Miss Reed



This term, Year 6 are carrying out a longitudinal history study, learning about entertainment and leisure during the 20th Century.  We will be learning about pastimes across the decades and factors which affected them, as well as inventions which brought about new leisure activities.

For homework, we would like you to research one activity or pastime from the 20th Century.  You can present your research as a booklet, poster, PowerPoint...or perhaps you have a more original idea of your own!

Try to include...

  • When the activity was first enjoyed
  • Who enjoyed the activity
  • What the pastime involved/details about the activity
  • Was there a key individual/group of people that made it happen?
  • Is it still enjoyed today? Has it changed at all?

Set: Friday 10th January (You must be prepared to tell your teacher the pastime you are researching on Friday 17th)

Due in: Friday 14th February (Presentation to the class).

Making clay taoties - 29th November

Boys' Football Tournament 2019

Term 2 Spellings

World Mental Health Day Awareness Posters

World Mental Health Day Awareness Posters 1
World Mental Health Day Awareness Posters 2
World Mental Health Day Awareness Posters 3
World Mental Health Day Awareness Posters 4