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Egg Box Challenge (has now started)


Art and craft home learning - egg box challenge


What can I make with an egg box?


Task 1:

Have a think about what you could make with your box. Share some ideas on paper and label your diagrams.

Come up with a final design. Colour and label.

List the items you need to make it and go and find them.


Task 2:

Make your creation. Have fun!




You will need these basic items:

  • egg box
  • sellotape/glue
  • paint/pens
  • card/cereal box



Here are some ideas of the things you could make:

  • Easter egg
  • monster
  • fire engine
  • spider
  • penguin


An example:


To make the penguin:

Firstly, cut out two egg sections from a carton and turn one upside down.

Add tape to the back to hold the two halves together.

Next paint a white tummy. Once dry, paint the rest of the penguin black.

From orange card, cut out two feet and stick to the bottom. Cut out a diamond for the mouth and fold in half to make a beak.

Add some googly eyes (or cut some out of paper or card) and add black eye balls.

Finally, stick them on to finish your penguin.



  1. If you do not have orange, you could use paper/card and colour with felt tip or paint. You could use an old cereal box for card.
  2. Let your penguin dry each time before doing the next part. Whilst drying you can make the feet, eyes and beak.


You can make quite a few creatures using this basic shape including monsters.


A single shell (turned upside down) can make a bee, ladybird, spider etc.


      Whole boxes can make dumper trucks, fire engines and crocodiles etc.



      You can also use the cone part of the box to make things too.


Get designing, use your imagination and have fun


You will be invited to a whole school  Microsoft Teams group shortly where you can share photos of your creations!



Other ideas to try: