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St Saviour's Church Schools

Garrett-Anderson: Ms Birkett and Mrs. Bauer

Welcome to Garrett- Anderson class.


Take a look at some of the photos of us at work and play!

The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff. How far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows.

In March this year, we planted potatoes as part of our topic on Peru. Today, we dug them up....... and look at our bumper crop!

Maths - Learning to tell the Time. It's a bit of a challenge for some of us but are definitely rising up to it!

Year 4 - Sports Day. We had a GREAT time earning points for our crescent team. Who has won overall? ......... we just can't wait to find out!

Summer has arrived and it's time to earth up our potatoes! That means cover the seed potato with a nice layer of compost to keep those little ones in the dark!

Royal Mail have got a fantastic national competition for children aged 4-11 to design a heroes stamp. 

Royal Mail are asking young designers to think about who their hero or heroes are, and to then design a stamp in their honour. A special panel of judges will pick the winning designs.


We hope that the panel of judges will choose one of our designs!

Design a stamp for heroes competition

We reflect one year after the first lockdown by making stained glass windows of a candle.

We return to Garrett- Anderson after a long time of home learning. Mrs Bauer's and Ms Birkett's message to the class was ''You've been amazing.... SOW..... let's grow together'.

A visit to the pond in Paul's Garden to see the frogs!

A spot of cooking during well-being week. Chocolate fingers were certainly a highlight!

For our science topic - habitats, it's time to hunt for invertebrates. Who doesn't love a bug hunt!

Christmas dinner day - always a highlight of the year!

Making winter lanterns. We were very lucky to be given 29 kits from Art Seen. That means one kit each! It made a great show in the winter light at home time and certainly delighted parents!

Making Christmas cards the old fashioned way!

A visit from Santa's reindeer. We all gave them some magic reindeer food and who would have believed it but it was actually snowing!

An early visit to Father Christmas ..... and yes, he gave us all a lovely present!

Eco-Bricks - Making good use of plastic! Look out for our eco-brick constructions around the school!

Who are we? Read about us....... but you have to be good at French!

8 lucky children had their birthdays in terms 1 and 2 so we decided to throw them a party!

Haiku Poems


We had great fun writing some of our own Haiku poetry using the 5,7,5 syllable rule.


An old hairy frog

Demanded some flies and bugs

It got super fat!

(Oscar and Dylan)


A titchy black toad

Looking at a big bright moon

Bathing in the light

(Ruby and Max C)


The sun is shining

Wearing a bright Christmas hat

Sitting on a cloud

(Rosa and Eva C)


A brown moth sits on

A nice streetlight by a stream

In England in Bath

(Josephine and Ava B)


A shining house light

That shines all day long

It keeps us warm

(Dorcas and Monty)


Nearby, a white cow

Ploughs in its meadows with grass

Happily sleeping

(Kiera, Seb and River)


A little black fly

Idly sits upon a rock

Meets a special fly

(Max D and Hugo)


A little blue frog

Tries finding a nice streetlight

Near a little pond

(Jia and Lacey)

Welcome to all eager pupils in Class 6!

There will be plenty of exciting things to look forward to this year!

Some things outside and somethings inside!

Developing our skipping skills with Mr Rouse

Archie Training Day with Primrose

Science and the weight of gas in a bottle of pop!

Our Christmas card designs for the PTA...... Christmas must be just around the corner!

'Run Rabbit Run' - Singing with the residents of Larkhall Springs!

Still image for this video

Playing games and making Christmas cards with the residents.

31st January 2020 …….. and a class visit to St. Saviour's Church.


A chance to think about how...…...


The Church Celebrates

We looked at the altar and the celebration of the communion (bread and wine). We then sewed some images of Christian celebration.

The Church Prays

We discussed why Christians pray and thought about the meaning behind the words of the Lord’s Prayer. We wrote prayers and wishes for ourselves and others.

Features of a Church

Tony pointed out lots of different features in the building. The font, the lectern and he also explained the story of the Good Samaritan which was illustrated in one of the beautiful stained glass windows. We then drew some of these features.

An opportunity to study the layers of the Amazon Rainforest and create a diorama using natural materials.

A few of our stunning dioramas

March 5th - World Book Day!

An opportunity to dress up as your favourite book character!

Don't we look amazing!

Finding a fraction of an amount using counters