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St Saviour's Church Schools

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St Saviour's Schools' Harvest Assembly 2020

Join us for our virtual Harvest assembly

Year 6 2020 Leavers' Assembly

Join Year 6 as they reflect on memories of their time at the Junior School, see some of their lovely work and enjoy their song ('I'm Still Standing') and dance (to 'I Am Giant'). There are also a selection of great photos from their time at the Junior school for you to look back on.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this very special assembly.

Thrive session 5: FAQs, Empathy and Rupture Repair cycle

Join Mrs Simmons and Mr Beament for our final Thrive parent session where we discuss some new ideas (empathy as explained by Brene Brown: and the Rupture-repair cycle) and think about frequently asked questions from the whole sequence of sessions.

Lion Boy Chapter 20

Join Mrs Malim for Chapter 20 of The Lion Boy

Year 6 Leavers' Dance - 'I Am Giant'

Watch Year 6 perform this wonderful dance at different locations around St Saviour's Junior School

Year 6 Leavers' Song - 'I'm Still Standing'

Join Year 6 as they perform 'I'm Still Standing'. Even though you can't see everyone on screen, you can hear all of the children's voices throughout the performance.

Junior Whole School End of Year Assembly

Welcome to St Saviour's Junior School End of Year Assembly for the whole school!
Come and celebrate some of the highlights of the year with us, say goodbye to staff and children who are off to start new adventures and see some special awards being given to children in each year group!
We really hope you enjoy watching this assembly as much as we have enjoyed looking back over these lovely memories...

Thrive Parent Session 4 - Tantrums and Anxiety

Today we discuss ways of managing Lockdown easing, recap on the VRFs and Shining a Light, look at the different types of tantrums and ways they can be approached and finally discuss anxiety.

Friday 10th July assembly

We hope you enjoy our piano playing, Newspaper reporting and outing seeing some animals :-)

Mr Beament's live assembly - where are you on the tree?

Mr Beament runs another live assembly for children in school and at home

'Everyone Is Welcome' Infant and Junior Assembly

Sophie and Mrs Simmons share a story with you, 'Everyone Is Welcome' by Alexandra Penfold

St Saviour's Schools' first ever live assembly

Join Mr Beament for the St Saviour's schools' first ever live assembly :-)

Thrive session 3

Mr Beament and Mrs Simmons welcome parents to the third live Thrive session, where we talk about behaviour as a communicator of emotion and the VRFs

Parent and Carers live 'Teams' session 2

Mr Beament and Mrs Simmons welcomed parents to the second live session on St Saviour's Transition programme and Thrive approach.

Year 6 dance tutorial

Mrs Offler shows Year 6 how to do the Year 6 dance

Lion Boy Chapter 19

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 19

St Saviour's Schools' Sports Celebration Assembly

Have a look at some of the sports activities we have been up to recently, including our Sock Olympics!

Piano with Mrs Simmons

Dr Gradus ad Parnassum by Debussy... another one of my favourites :-)

St Saviour's Junior School Community Assembly

Join us as we reflect on some of our lockdown experiences and celebrate some of wonderful things that have been happening in our community...

Monday 29th June Infants Assembly

The Lion Boy Chapter 18

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 18 of The Lion Boy

St Saviour's Schools' Sock Olympics 2020

Join us for St Saviour's Infant and Junior Sock Olympics! Grab a pair of socks and have a go. Our Key Worker Bubbles and Year 2's will show you how to do each activity

Monday 22nd June Infant and Junior Assembly

Join Mrs Simmons for today's story 'Ruby's worry', where Ruby learns how to overcome worries. Don't forget to sing along with today's songs too!

Live Parent and Carer - Session 1 - 18 06 20

Introduction to St Saviour's Schools 2020 transition programme Rationale behind the Thrive Approach Online transition programme. Links to Basic Principles of...

Friday 19th June Infant and Junior Assembly!

Sing along with us and enjoy watching some of the things we've been up to at home :-)

Relaxing Piano Music for Wednesday

Sit back, relax and enjoy some piano music with Mrs Simmons

Monday 15th June Assembly Standing Against Racism and Inequality

Today, Mrs Simmons reflects on the recent 'Black Lives Matter' campaign. She shares the story, 'Nimesh the Adventurer' by Ranjit Singh and Mahrdokht Amini, and reads about Rosa Parks and Barack Obama

Infant and Junior Friday Assembly 12th June

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the things the Infants and Juniors have been up to this week. We also include some special messages for Sophie :-)

Journey to the River Sea

Mrs Simmons reads a chapter from the fantastic book, 'Journey to the River Sea', where Maia has an unexpected encounter...

Wednesday Lion Boy Part 2

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 17

Wednesday Lion Boy Part 1

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 17

Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)

Mrs Simmons reads this story to us, telling us all about the day to day activities of a man working on the moon and living on Earth!

Monday 8th June Infant and Junior Assembly

Welcome to our Infant and Junior Monday assembly. Today, Mrs Simmons reads us a chapter from the brilliant book, 'The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket'

The Lion Boy Chapter 16

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 16...

The Roof Toppers Chapter 5

Today Mrs Offler reads Chapter 5

Thursday 4th June Roof Toppers Chapter 4

Today, Mrs Offler reads Chapter 4...

How to make banana pancakes

Have a go at making these easy banana pancakes - you'll only need 3 ingredients!


The St Saviour's team pass some messages of kindness around

Roof Toppers Chapters 2 and 3 - Tuesday 2nd June

Join Mrs Offler for chapters 2 and 3 of 'Roof Toppers'

MISS MARKWELL MATHS Tuesday 2nd June Tally charts, pictograms and bar charts

Join Miss Markwell for today's maths lesson

Singing and baking assembly

Welcome to our Monday assembly. Today, Mrs Simmons shows you when she made bread and Holly the dog 'helped' :-)

The Lion Boy Chapter 15 Monday 1st June

Join Mrs Malim for the next chapter of The Lion Boy...

An Introduction for Key Worker Children at St Saviour's schools from 8.6.20

Join Mrs Simmons to find out more about the spaces the Key Worker children will be using at the Junior School, which is where all of the Key Worker groups will be based

Coming back to St Saviour's - a video for the children

Mr Beament answers your questions about children coming back to school from 8th June.

Lion Boy Chapter 14 Friday 22nd May

Join Mrs Malim for Chapter 14 of The Lion Boy...

Friday 22nd May Junior Assembly

Have a look at some of the lovely things we have been up to this week :-)

Friday infants assembly 22:5:20

Join Sophie for this week's assembly

Ascension day assembly

Join Rachel for an assembly celebrating Ascension day

A lovely message from the Staff at the Infant and Junior schools ...

Home Learning in Year 4

Join Ms Birkett and Miss Markwell, and have a look at some of the great things you have been sharing on Teams over the past few weeks...

Home learning Year 5 Video

Join your teachers and have a look at the wonderful things you have been up to...

Friday 15th May Junior Video Assembly

Have a look at some of the lovely things we have been up to this week...

Infant School Friday assembly

Its Friday 15th May and time to join Sophie for this weeks celebration assembly

Thursday 14th May Lion Boy Chapter 13

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 13

MISS MARKWELL MATHS Thursday 14th May 12 hour clock times

Today Miss Markwell teaches us about reading and writing 12 hour clock times

Ed reads 'Miranda the Castaway' by James Mayhew

Miranda's been shipwrecked on a desert island... How will she survive? Will she be lonely? Can she stay there? I hope you enjoy this story of a young girl's adventure

Wednesday 13th May 'Roof Toppers' with Mrs Offler

Mrs Offler begins the new class story, Roof Toppers by Katherine Rundell

MISS MARKWELL MATHS - Calculating differences in time

Today Miss Markwell shows us how to calculate differences in time

Tuesday 12th May Lion Boy Chapter 12

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 12

MISS MARKWELL MATHS Tuesday 12th May - minutes in an hour and seconds in a minute

Today Miss Markwell teaches us about how many minutes are in an hour and how many seconds in a minute

Monday Music Assembly - Infants and Juniors

Join in with some singing for our weekly assembly, (this week it's 'Perfection' from Smallfoot and 'Fabby Dabby Dee, It's Good To Be Me'), and listen to Mrs Simmons playing the piano

Owl Babies

Join Pam for a story

This week's Infant Celebration Assembly

Join Sophie for this week's assembly (8th May 2020)

Friday 8th May Junior Video Assembly

Have a look at some of the lovely things the Juniors have been up to this week...

Miss Markwell Maths Wednesday 6th May Estimating amounts of money

Today Miss Markwell shows us how to estimate with amounts of money

Tuesday 5th May Lion Boy Chapter 11 Part 2

Mrs Malim reads part 2 of Chapter 11...

Tuesday 5th May Lion Boy Chapter 11 Part 1

Mrs Malim reads the first part of Chapter 11 here...

PART 2 Friday 1st May Lion Boy

Here is the second part of Chapter 10

Infant School celebration assembly - 1st May 2020

Join Sophie for this weeks celebration assembly

Junior Video Assembly Friday 1st May

Have a look at some of the fantastic things we have been up to this week...

Mrs Malim Lion Boy - Friday 1st May

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 10 of The Lion Boy

Baa baa black sheep and the story of Russell The Sheep

Join Ursula for a rendition of Baa Baa Black Sheep followed by a story Russell the Sheep

Story - The Invisible Spring

Join Sara for a story.

Time Travelling Hamster - the final chapter!

Mrs Offler reads us the final chapter of this story. Thank you Mrs Offler and we hope you have enjoyed it Year 6! :-)

Bean planting

Kamala shows you how to plant a bean

Monday 27th April Assembly - Infants and Juniors

Enjoy a sing along and a story...

Lion Boy Chapter 9

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 9 of Lion Boy

Miss Markwell's Maths- Monday 27th April rounding decimals to the nearest whole number

Miss Markwell shows us how to round decimals to the nearest whole number using the Interactive Whiteboard

Miss Markwell's Maths Tuesday 21st April DIVING BY 100

Miss Markwell shows us how to divide by 100 using a place value grid.

Miss Markwell's Maths Wednesday 22nd April Can I make a whole?

Miss Markwell uses the interactive whiteboard to show us about making a whole.

Miss Markwell Maths - Compare and order decimals

Miss Markwell will run through today's learning on comparing and ordering decimals (Friday 24th April)

Miss Markwell's Maths Friday 3rd April DIVIDING A 1 DIGIT NUMBER BY 10

Miss Markwell explains how to divide a 1 digit number by 10 using a place value grid.

Friday 24th April Lion Boy

Mrs Malim reads us Chapter 8... she hopes you are enjoying this lovely story as much as she is :-)

Junior Video Assembly Friday 24th April

Have a look at some of the lovely things the Juniors have been up to over the last few weeks, including:
*building dens
*making paper planes and boats
*playing musical instruments
and lots more!
Well done everyone :-)

Join Sophie for this week's Celebration Assembly

Time to celebrate this weeks home learning (24.04.20)

Odd and even numbers using Numicon

Learn about odd and even numbers with Louise

Jack and the Baked Bean Stork

A story - the 'Baked Beanstalk'

Enjoy a story with Catherine

How do you create a story map?

Learn how to plan and create a story map with Catherine.

Tuesday 21st April Time Travelling Hamster

This morning, Mrs Offler is reading us Chapter 81...

Monday 20th Lion Boy Part 2

Mrs Malim is reading us some more Lion Boy. Today it's Chapter 7, but it's a long one so it's in two parts :-) Here's Part 2. Enjoy!

Monday 20th Lion Boy Part 1

Mrs Malim is reading us some more Lion Boy. Today it's Chapter 7, but it's a long one so it's in two parts :-) Here's Part 1. Enjoy!

Whole School Assembly 20th April 2020

We might not be together in person but join Sophie for a Infant and Junior School assembly via the internet.

Creating our Fareshare Parcels

Have a sneak peek behind the scenes at how our Fareshare parcels are created once the food arrives in school.

St Saviour's staff have been helping to organise and create these parcels each week (today you will see Claire, Mandy and Mrs Simmons), and Mr Beament has been visiting the Fareshare warehouse regularly to get extra food for our parcels...

You may notice there aren't any items in the parcels that need to be refrigerated at the moment - these are put straight into the school fridges and will be popped into the parcels at the last minute before they are shared with families :-)

Making blueberry flapjacks

Yummy... who wants to make some flapjacks?

A poem about a feather

Enjoy a story about a feather

Friday 3rd April Time Travelling with a Hamster

Story time with Mrs Offler :-)

Thursday 2nd April Lion Boy Chapter 6

Mrs Malim reads us Chapter 6...

Thursday 2nd April Time Travelling Hamster

Two chapters from Mrs Offler today ...

Puppy's Paws read by Pam

Enjoy a story with Pam and take part in her colouring and drawing challenges.

'Fat Cat' read by Kamala

Sit down and relax with a bedtime story

TT Rockstars and Numbots an introduction

Some tips on how to get started with TT Rocktars and Numbots, including showing you how to access different games and levels

Tuesday 1st April Chapter 76 Time Travelling with a Hamster

We hope you enjoy the next chapter...

The Tiger That Came To Tea

A bedtime story told by Louise

Winnie at the Seaside by Sophie Hunt

Sit down, relax and enjoy a bedtime story with Sophie.

We have Frogs!

Join Carrie as she discovers tadpoles in her garden

Tuesday 31st March Lion Boy Chapter 5

Monday 30th Lion Boy Chapter 4

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 4 of Lion Boy

Monday 30th March Assembly

We hope you enjoy our first St Saviour's Schools virtual assembly! Start your week by singing along with some of our favourite songs and enjoying a woodland story ...

Gardening and Planting with Mr Beament

Join Mr Beament, his children and his dog named Mac to plant cress, cornflowers, tomatoes and sunflowers.

Friday Time Travelling Hamster - chapter 75

Mrs Offler reads us the next chapter...

The Lion Boy Chapter 3

Mrs Malim reads the next chapter...

Spring Chicken Sing Along

Watch Year 4 as they show you their potato planting and sing you a Springtime song!

Learn to play a maths game with Louise

Louise and her daughter will teach you how to play 'Dice subtraction - 4 in a row'.

Thursday Time Travelling with a Hamster

Mrs Offler reads the next instalment...

Wednesday Lion Boy with Mrs Malim

Tune in for the next instalment...

Lion Boy with Mrs Malim

Mrs Malim reads Chapter 1 of Lion Boy

Year 3's fun home exercise ideas

Bored at home? Stuck for ideas? Let Year 3 be your inspiration!

Tuesday's Time Travelling with a Hamster (the next chapter)

The butterfly chrysalises are ready to move into their new home

Louise is ready to carefully move the butterfly chrysalis into their new home. This is a very exciting moment for the Reception children's butterflies

Bedtime Story - How much does a ladybug weigh?

Louise shares a bedtime story for our Reception Children (I'm sure all other year groups will enjoy it too)

Time Travelling with a Hamster with Mrs Offler

Bedtime story - The Bumble Bear

Enjoy a bedtime story with Pat

Year 5 It's Not Over Yet

Year 5 singing about resilience and aspiration - well done Year 5 :-)

A Squash and a Squeeze

Sophie and Mrs Simmons read you a story