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Weekly roundup – Infant School

It’s been another busy week at the Infant school with a focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing and KS1’s visit to Radstock museum.  


To explore our Wellbeing we read two books. ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Have you filled a Bucket today?’ ‘The Colour Monster’ helps to identify and explore emotions and ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ is a wonderful book that shows how we can have positive impacts on each other by doing little things that help to fill our buckets of happiness and grow resilience. 


In Reception, children have been thinking about what makes helps us to stay healthy. Click here 


Olive said, ‘To stay healthy we need to not have too much screen time.’ 

Stanley said, ‘Have a good nights sleep.’ 

Molly said, ‘Tell a grown up how you are feeling.’ 


In Year 1 the children talked about support networks identifying who was special and who supported them. They drew hot air balloons and put around the edge people who lift them up. Click here 


Edward said, ‘I have lots of people who support me and who are special. I think about people who are no longer with us too.’ 

Joe said, ‘Our friends support us. They can make us feel happy.’ 

Elliot said, ‘Yoga helps our wellbeing. It keeps us fit and that helps.’ 


In Year 2 children made their own growing together bingo boards and then took part in some cosmic yoga. Click here 


Tiger Rose said, ‘Our support network is people who supports us all of the time.’ 

Tom said, ‘Good friends will be there no matter what.’ 

Iris said, ‘People helping you no matter what.’ 


In other news KS1 We stepped back in time to the Victorians this week. Children had a wonderful time at Radstock museum. They were shocked and aghast to hear of the dunces hat, the cane and the strict rules that Victorian children had to endure at school. Click here 


Sophie said, I liked the school room because we got to write on slates and it was fun.’ 

Marley said, ‘The classroom was the best. The teacher was very strict.’ 

Amelia B said, ‘The information about the canary in a cage down the mine was the best. If the canary stopped singing then they knew to get out of the mine quickly. The canary was dead so that was bad for the canary but good for everyone else.’ 

Benji said, ‘I enjoyed going upstairs to see the artifacts. The lady snapped the tortoiseshell by accident. She said that she might get sacked!’ 


In reception’s forest school they were joined by a large dinosaur. When I asked the children if a dinosaur came Tommy said, ‘Yes, I asked for a dinosaur and we made a ginormous one out of sticks and leaves. It was an Amargasaurus!’ Click here 


I also stepped back in time to December during my visit to nursery this week. I had such fun. Korey, Brooke and Maddie formed a band with me and we sang jingle bells (initiated by the children) with gusto for about 10 minutes. We were rocking it so much that William came to join us. We played drums, glockenspiel, shakers and bells. It was great! 


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I hope that you get to enjoy the sunshine today and that you all have a restful weekend. 


Best wishes