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Our Transition Film

We have made a transition film, to show the nursery children a little bit about what it’s like being in Reception!

CVCC Words | Phonics Phase 4 | Segmenting & Blending

Can you practise reading and writing these words...

Term 6 Week 4 - This week we have had an exciting trip to Bath City Farm and have written thank you letters to them. We have also been meeting our new teachers!

Term 6 Week 3 - Recalling dinosaur facts, being creative and amazing friendships and teamwork!

The end of Term 5!

We have come to the end of Term 5 in your children's Reception year, only 1 term to go! Please see the document below for information on our end of year assessments, which will then be fed back to you in your child's school report.


We have had a lovely term learning all about animals! Thank you for your home research, it really helped add to their enthusiasm, having some prior knowledge to draw on! 


Next term we will be thinking about 'the past'. We will be thinking about our personal past, and recent holidays, and then comparing it to a long time past! We will focus on dinosaurs, fossils and museums. Our home corner is now a Museum!


If you are able to research/talk about family history, dinosaurs, or even visit a museum over the holidays, that would be great!


Bug Club has been updated for everyone. You have a selection of appropriate games that will really help to consolidate digraph learning, these could be played for a few minutes each day! And there are extra books available for you at the appropriate levels.

These are the Early Learning Goals - Now that we are approaching the end of their Reception Year, children will be assessed against each of the 17 areas. Please speak to your teachers first week back if you have any queries about your child's progress this year.

The end of Term 5 in Reception - Our week on Arctic and Antarctic animals

The children were very interested in our Endangered Animals activities this week! Some of them were also very keen to share their learning about it from the weekend!


Our theme for next week is Arctic and Antarctic animals, if you would like to share any learning about this at home over the weekend.


This week we have been focussing our handwriting on the One Armed Robot letters, that always 'go straight down first, then back up and over' to start the letter. 

'Goodbye Mister Panda'

We have been learning a song as part of our Endangered Animals week. Children can sing along and tell you about it!

Another lovely week in Reception!


Please check that clothes are named and that they have spares daily (we have hardly any spare trousers/skirts in school)


Thank you for practising those Curly Caterpillars! We can definitely see the difference already!

Please see our very straight, long ladder letter family, in your red bags, that we have been practising this week.


Next week we are learning about Endangered Animals.

If you are able to explore this large topic over the weekend at all, that would give us a little head start! We will be thinking about animal habitats, waste and recycling and how it can affect animal's habitats, and animals that are endangered or extinct.

Welcome back to the website after lockdown!


We have spent the last few weeks focussing on settling everyone back down into our school routines, rebuilding friendships and rebuilding everyone's independence in their learning.

Everyone is doing great and we've been having lots of fun! 


Below is the Topic web highlighting some of our topic activities and focusses for the term, along with some photos of the last few weeks. 

We will continue to update this page weekly, as we did before lockdown. 


*We continue to work on our handwriting patterns, taking pride in our presentation. Please see a supporting sheet in your red bags, if you are able to help us with a little practise at home. 


Our topic for Term 5 is 'Animals'

St Saviour's Reception presents: A Little Nativity!

Wow Reception, you've done a third of your Reception year in school already!!! Thank you to all of the children and parents for working with us to help your children make such amazing progress in their first few months at school! We look forward to seeing you after the holidays!

Term 2 Week 6 - Full of Christmas cheer! We have been doing dress rehearsals, talking about our family traditions and having exciting surprise visits with Santa's Grotto and snow and reindeers!!!

Christmas Nativity


Please remember to bring your costumes in by the end of next week for our Nativity!

If you could send them in in a named carrier bag, that would be very helpful!



Term 2 Week 5 - The Christmas countdown begins!

Term 2 Week 3 - Some of the things we have been thinking about this week are; how we are all unique, darkness and light, nocturnal animals and number questions to 6.

Our term 2 topic is: CELEBRATIONS


So far we have been learning about darkness and light, and how some people celebrate Bonfire Night and Diwali.

Use our word banks to discuss these celebrations with your child:





If you are having trouble logging onto Bug Club to access the phonics games, videos and books; try having a look at the troubleshooting link below:


Downloading Google Chrome on a smart device may help. But please let us know if you're still having trouble!

The Reception Team hope that you all enjoy the half term break!


During your time away from school, please still enjoy sharing books together! You each had 2 books for the holidays and have lots and lots of videos/games/books on Bug Club (See your Yellow Reading Record for your password).


You have also been given some phonics games to play. The children can tell you how to make a Metal Mike Robot using a cereal box and by cutting out a mouth. You can then feed the robot by posting post-its/chopped up paper in his mouth. He likes to eat pictures or words when you say the sounds like a robot!


We have been practising our name writing this term - Check if your child can write their own name with the correct letter formation. They may still need some help and practise at some letters!


Please also send in any WOW Stars for amazing learning over the holidays, the children love to share them with their class! 



*Please see below for information about reading books, Bug Club games and our Parent Workshop video that you need to watch online.*

Term 1 Week 7 - This week we have been exploring numbers to 5, learning the letters g, o, c & k and talking about The Caring Code and how we can be our best selves... amongst all sorts of other things!

Reading Books


On Monday we will begin sending home the first set of reading books that contain the letters s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d. Your children have started reading and writing 2 and 3 letter words using these letters! In your book bags this weekend you will have a word and picture activity to help you both practise sounding out and blending the words, and matching them to the correct picture. Please practise this with your child over the weekend so they are ready for their reading books on Monday!


You can also now log onto Bug Club on using your username and passwords found on the Yellow Reading Records! There are 31 videos, games and reading books to begin using!

**If you haven't yet watched the Parent Workshop video, please take a look. It's 30 minutes and explains all about this.**

Parent Workshop - Reception 2020

Learn about how we approach phonics for reading and writing, as well as maths, and how you can help your child's learning at home!

Some of our learning from Term 1 Week 6...


To access the previous information from the Reception pages, please click the link below: