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St Saviour's Church Schools

Mixing Classes

Teachers consider the organisation of classes for September each year with the aim of creating the best organisation for all our children.


The discussion between teachers are dedicated to making and sharing information and creating the best combinations possible.


We believe that in a school with at least two classes per year group, having the chance to mix classes is an opportunity that should be considered at the end of each year. When we mix classes we can achieve the following :

  • Creating opportunities for children to learn and play with a wider variety of peers
  • Enabling greater social interaction between children as they move through the school
  • Ensuring that each of the classes remains balanced in response to pupil development
  • Promoting a greater sense of community in a large Infant and Junior schools


When we make such decisions we follow a clear set of principles:

  • The arrangements for class mixing are based on the professional judgements of Class Teachers with support from the Senior Leadership Team
  • We will always consider what is in the best interests of individual children and classes as a whole when making decisions.
  • We will always consider the happiness and welfare of the children and will take into consideration existing friendship groups when we create new class organisations


After consideration of the above principles and our aims we follow the following process:

  • Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants observe the children’s friendships at work and play *
  • Class teachers talk to the children about their friendships*
  • Class Teachers meet to ensure a good balance of friendships, range of educational, social and personal needs, and gender representation in each class
  • Class Teachers discuss and finalise groupings with support from the Senior Leadership Team
  • The class each child is in will be shared with parents and children in the Summer Term when the end of year reports are published 



Over the course of their school years children will have a range of friendship experiences. We find that some friendships can be very fluid, whilst others can stand the test of time. With that in mind and as we prepare to draw up the class lists we will use observations of the children in the classroom and at play to inform our decision making as well as what the children share with adults.



Once the children know their new classes and teachers we will start transition. The aim of this is to support the children with making the step to a new year group with a new teacher. The following will happen during the summer term:

  • A detailed handover will take place between the current class teacher and the new class teacher
  • Children will visit their new classroom and spend time with their new teacher (s)


Some children find transition particularly difficult, this can be because of an education or medical need or that they are anxious or worried. Teachers will design personal transition plans for these children. If you are worried about a transition for your child please speak to the current class teacher.