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St Saviour's Church Schools

At our Infant School

We encourage a positive and motivating approach to behaviour at the Infant School.  We allows children to reflect on their achievements or challenges they may face throughout the school day and reward them for hard work and for being Caring Code Champions. 


The schools Behaviour Policy (attached below) explains how this works to support and encourage children to become Caring Code Champions:


The Caring Code

We show we care

We show respect 

We do our best


Children are rewarded for demonstrating this code.


For example, maybe your child gets a sticker for showing 'Respect' for listening carefully when it’s their friends turn to talk. They could receive a point for showing they ‘have tried their best’ by choosing a challenge and showing resilience. 


For more information, speak to the class teacher and read the behaviour policy.


What about serious behaviour issues?


The policy also includes an escalation system for poor behaviour choices- please read the policy for more information. 


This policy can be found on our policy page