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St Saviour's Church Schools


At St Saviour’s Infants geography teaching and learning focuses on building knowledge and skills. Children learn key facts about the UK and the world. Children learn about both physical and human features of geography.


They compare their local area to an area in Tanzania to learn about similarities and differences in two contrasting areas.


They develop skills in drawing maps and fieldwork skills.


Through this learning children develop their sense of place starting locally and building up to a global scale. This develops their innate curiosity of the world. By adopting an enquiry approach children can be encouraged to identify important issues that matter to them, collect geographical data and answer questions for themselves.

In Reception the teaching of Geography fits into the curriculum area of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.


“Children know about similarities and difference between places, objects, materials and living things. They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another.”


Geography is taught as part of a cross-curricular topic in Years 1 and 2. It is usually taught every other term.


The six units are:

  • Developing knowledge of the immediate locality

  • Geographical research skills and enquiry.

  • Geographical world links – Trade

  • Developing knowledge of different locations and comparing them to the local area.

  • Environmental issues – care for the world, changes, impact and sustainability.

  • Map making


    At St Saviour’s we build links with Geography and Science to support our Eco-school approach to teaching about biodiversity.