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St Saviour's Church Schools

Year 2

Daily 'Home Learning Menu'


Daily menus of home learning activities will be uploaded here

Friday 18th February 

Science Day

Optional activity - Can you start to plan the costume that you would like to wear for world book day on Thursday 3rd March?

Home Learning Year 2

Friday 9th July

Thursday 8th July

Wednesday 7th July

Elephant information

Welcome to Term 4 2021.

This term our topic is called "What an Adventure - Pirates and Explorers".>

Below are your spellings for this term. We shall test them during our live sessions on a Monday morning.

Term 4 Monday 22.2.21

Thursday 4.2.21

Wednesday 27.1.21

Monday 25.1.21

Friday 22.1.21

Thursday 21.1.21

Wednesday 20.1.21

Tuesday 19.1.21

Monday 18..1.21

Wednesday 13.1.21

Tuesday 12.1.21

Friday's home learning activities

Thursday's home learning activities

Here is the link for the section of the GoNoodle website that we use in school.


Happy dancing!!!

Welcome Year 2 to term 6! 

This term's topic is: Tales and tails. 

If you normally learn 5 words, please learn the first 5 spellings each week. Otherwise please learn all the spellings. Thank you!

Parent's guide to Black Lives Matter: useful if you need/want to read about this topic before or even after discussing Tuesday's lesson with your child

"Call and response" in the Maasai Mara, Kenya

"Call and response" by children in the Sikirar village in the Narok district of the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. Me to We trip, January 2012.

Che Che Kule (Kye Kye Kule) | Children's Songs | Sing With Sandra

This traditional children's song from Ghana has experienced great popularity around the world. It's sung by the leader setting the call and the others respon...

English: Description of Oni

The oni are green. They are enormous. The oni wear green grass skirts. They have sharp pointy teeth. The oni have big chests and are very strong.

Talk to your talk partner about how you could make this more interesting using some of the sentence openers in your word mat.

RE: Raven by Gerald McDermott: Creation story about the Sun

This is the story of Raven, a trickster figure from the stories of the People of the Pacific Northwest.

Picture of Funny Little Woman

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Mr and Mrs Storytime read the amazing short story about a girl that realises she can become anything she wants to.

How to make Kente cloth

The Dream of Creation - How the World, Sun and Space were Made

This is the first in a series of Cloudskipper Dreaming stories, inspired by the Aboriginal Australian dreamtime myths...

Cheetah | Amazing Animals

A cheetah's spine allows it to stretch out and cover about 30 feet in one stride! Learn more amazing facts about the cheetah in this video from National Geog...

PE choice 1: Basketball Drills At Home.

Art: African Patterns Information

Pictures of African animals

Can we break a world record today?