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St Saviour's Church Schools

School Values

Our vision and values

“Inspiring the love of learning, caring and achieving”

Our motto is a summation of our school’s Vision and Values. It contains 4 key concepts that the school community values. It is written as an active statement; ‘inspiring’, ‘learning’, ‘caring’ and ‘achieving’. Our Vision and Values were recently reviewed by the school community through parent/carer questionnaires, and discussions with the children and staff.



Through inspiring and communicating the life of our school we explain and celebrate our work and influence the wider community. We share our values and our work through Assemblies, Transition Projects, Parent Evenings, Newsletters and our Website. We share progress targets with the children so they are fully involved in their own learning. The children share their interests, hopes and aspirations through the way we plan our topics, Question Time assemblies and partner talk in class. When parents understand their child’s school life they are better able to support their child’s learning. By sharing our learning with our partner Junior school and church we support community links and help the children to be more rooted in their locality. Sharing learning is one of the most effective ways to embed it.



Learning is at the heart of our school. We believe that learning should be active, creative, inspiring and personal. It should be based on the children’s interests wherever possible and should match the children’s individual needs. Children should be given frequent opportunities to explore their own interests and to put the skills they have learned into practice. Effective learning covers a wide range of skills and these skills should be at the heart of all teaching. The children also need to learn social and personal skills and key Literacy and Numeracy skills to achieve their best in life. Effective learning can happen beyond the classroom, in the natural world and the wider community. When the curriculum is enriched with intriguing resources, interesting visitors and trips off site the children’s learning is enhanced.


This strand of the Vision is continued at our partner Junior school by their commitment to “ “Learning to meet the challenges of education, work and life” and “Having a fun and safe place to learn”




The ‘Caring Code’ is a key part of school life and is a fundamental expression of our Christian Values. ‘We show we care, show respect and do our best’. It establishes in clear and positive terms our expectations for the ways that we relate to each other. We show we care for the school environment through our Eco-Schools work. We show we care for each other through mutual respect, our celebration of everyone’s achievements at celebration assemblies and through ‘Buddy Times’ and other schemes. Everyone can make a positive contribution to the life of the community by showing that they care.


This strand of the Vision is continued at our partner Junior school by their commitment to  “Being part of a safe and caring community based on Christian values”, and “Showing respect for each and every person and the world we live in”




Everyone needs to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of achievement. The children are encouraged to understand that we achieve by recognising and facing challenges. Competition with oneself is an important aspect of achievement; ‘How can I improve?’ We can also achieve well when we work together on a shared challenge. The children experience achievement every day through carefully planned lessons and through their involvement in setting their own targets. We believe that all children should be able to both enjoy and achieve.

This strand of the Vision is continued at our partner Junior school by their commitment to “* Being the best that you can be”