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St Saviour's Church Schools


A Christmas Dinner for Midnight..... isn't she a lucky lady!

April 2016

We're back!
After nearly a two year absense St. Saviours' can again be called the 'chicken school'!



We are 6 hens.
We are not pure breeds as our mum and dad were different breeds but we do come in pairs!
Two black, two speckled and two brown.
We also lay different coloured eggs!


Check at the office to see whether there are any laid today! (All we ask is for a small donation to cover the cost of our food!)

Where do we come from?
We came from a kind chicken breeder who lives in Bristol. This is our previous home.



This is us on our way to our new home. 'Where are we going?'



And this is us safe and sound in our egglu.... we rather like it!




"But what became of the chicks that we hatched?" The pupils ask.


Here they are... growing up and ready to be found new homes when they are old enough.

Can you spot stripy?



You can't have failed to notice the small enclosure just outside main entrance to the school. This is to be the new site for the school's chickens.


Work to build a new coup will commence in the spring with the hope of introducing some new feathered friends after Easter. 

Watch this space!


Incubating eggs!
Ms Birkett and her class were fortunate to be given some fertilised eggs to be hatched in time for Easter.

This is what happened...

How sweet!