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St Saviour's Church Schools


Meet the Junior E-Council!


Supported by Miss Markwell, the E-Council (equalities council) will be meeting regularly to discuss all things relating to diversity and equality. They will be feeding back to classes, sharing fundraising ideas and helping us all to understand about how we can make everyone feel supported and included. 


What does it mean to be an E-Councillor? This is what we think... 


Emil- I think it is important to have an E team to help the school be good and feel secure.

Tiggy- It is important to make changes to things that make people happy.

Grace- It is good that children have a say about the things they feel are important.

Frank and Ivy- We can make sure that everyone feels like they are having a fun time.


Freya- Being part of the council means you suggest ideas about how to help the school.

Dottie- I take notes and think about how I can help the school  and community.

Daisy- I feel happy that I can help and I can be relied on .

William- We can make playtimes fun for everyone.


Poppy- Being part of the team means that Children have an input which is important.

Eilidh- A children's view may be different to an adults view and children are very imaginative and creative.  This means we might think about things in a different way.

Emilia- I like hearing and sharing ideas and building on each others thoughts.

Edith- You can really help the school community in a different way, making it better for others.

Morgan- I enjoy representing the school and the children.

Fiona- It is important to be part of the E Team because I really care about the environment and the school.

Zac- We can change things for the better.

Sam- I feel  the work we do make a difference to our enjoyment of school.


Thank you E-Council for all the great work you do!

Who are we?