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St Saviour's Church Schools

Year 1

Daily 'Home Learning Menu'


Daily menus of home learning activities will be uploaded here

Science day Friday 18th February 

Please watch one or both of the videos about 3d shapes. Then your task is to find 3d shapes in your home. Can you find a sphere? a cone? a cube? a triangular prism? Enjoy!

This week's poem we have been learning: The Music of the Wind by Wes Magee

By an odd coincidence we have been learning 2 poems about the wind this week. We performed this one yesterday in poetry assembly. If you like you can perform our poem to your family! 

Home Learning for children in Egypt  class who are in isolation: Week starting 10th January 2022

Hello all: I have allocated the correct colour book bands to your children on Bug Club so you should be able to access reading books for your children. I have also allocated this week's phonic lessons to them on Bug Club which they can do. We are doing the phonemes (sounds)

ear/ ere/ eer as in fear/ here /cheer; 

air/are/ear as in hair/ share/ pear

and tricky words: eyes and friends


Please continue to practise your spellings for Monday and have a test on that day.

I will also attach Maths sheets below. Please do the Oak National Academy English for week 1 of isolation , see links below. 



Maths sheets: week starting 10th January

Your children can also play numbots using their login from last year to develop their number facts.

2021-2022: Year 1 Home learning for self isolation: Week 1-

Friday 9th July

Thursday 8th July

Wednesday 7th July

Year 1 Finland Class: Home learning for Thurs 24th June

Photos of plants for Science: draw one of your own from your garden or houseplant or use the photos below

Year 1 home learning_Thursday 17th June

Home Learning for 15th and 16th June 2021

Term 4 2020/2021



Year 1 Spelling list: term 4

Weekly plan term 4 week 4

This term's spellings: learn the first 5 or all 8 spellings : depending on what you normally learn for homework

Year 1 home learning for week starting 11th January 2021

Year 1 Home Learning for the 7th and 8th January 2021

Week 3 week starting 14.9.20


We have been learning about Queen Elizabeth in class this week. 

See if you can find out a fact about her or her family and write it using your fab five.

 We have also drawn the crown jewels and written about them.

The Queen's Hat read by its author and illustrator Steve Antony

Please listen to the story and write about your favourite part.
Watch the film about the human body and then see if you can draw a picture of yourself and label it with your parts of the body.

Welcome to Term 6.

We hope you all had a lovely and safe half term. I am looking forward to seeing your learning and creations on Teams. Kamala

Links to some live theatre and dance for families


Celtic Tiger

Red Riding Hood Ballet:

Theatre for kids online

Anansi: Unicorn Theatre

Half moon theatre: different plays

Puppet theatre



Story time with Kamala

Join Kamala for a story

Year 1 - 18th June 2020

Pictures of mosques in the UK and abroad

Year 1 - 17th June 2020

English: Pictures of the Oni's houses in the cave and the Funny Little Woman's house

Parent's guide to Black Lives Matter: useful if you need/want to read about this topic before or even after discussing today's lesson with your child

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Mr and Mrs Storytime read the amazing short story about a girl that realises she can become anything she wants to.

The Funny Little Woman

The Funny Little Woman is a book "retold by" Arlene Mosel and illustrated by Blair Lent. Released by E. P. Dutton, it was the recipient of the Caldecott Meda...

Year 1 - 12th June 2020

Year 1 - 10th June 2020

Year 1 - 5th June 2020

If you need a little inspiration for your sandwich watch the film below!

Make the ultimate sandwich with Winton primary school - LitFilmFest Kitchen Kid - BBC Good Food

We're passionate about getting children excited about food, which is why we're hosting the two winning Kitchen Kid entries each month as part of LitFilmFest!...

Year 1 - 4th June 2020

Year 1 - 3rd June 2020

Portraits by Jane Perkins art out of recycled materials - click to enlarge to see what materials she used!

Year 1 - 21st May 2020

Rob Biddulph's record breaking attempt for the largest online art lesson today

The slideshow above of the poem has sound- make sure it is on if you want to say the poem with Kamala. 

The slideshow below has been saved in a pdf form so no audio but you can read the poem together.


Buttercup by Mandy Coe : poem with no sound but in pdf format.

Year 1 - 19th May 2020

You could draw and make your observations about your own plant or use Kamala's bean plant.

Tuesday 19th May Kamala's bean plant

Ursula: Making blueberry flapjacks

Yummy... who wants to make some flapjacks?

Year 1 - 15th May 2020

Year 1 - 14th May 2020

Presentations on Queen Elizabeth and David Attenborough if you are writing about a famous older person rather than writing about somebody you know.

Pictures to inspire your nature table

Year 1 - 12th May 2020

Hi Year 1, You can either draw and write about your own plant or my bean plant. My photos are below, including one where I am measuring how tall it is. Take a careful look at my plant and see how it has changed over one week. How many leaves does it have? How would you describe them? How tall is it? Sorry for the upside down numbers!

Photos of Kamala's bean plant

Year 1 - 11th May 2020

Example of an information text: The Growing Tree, to look for features of an information page.

Ideas of wild plants to write about.

Year 1 - 7th May 2020

Year 1 - 6th May 2020

Year 1 - 5th May 2020

Kamala's bean has just sprouted through the soil. What colour is it? Could you write today's date draw what you can see? It is about 1mm tall.

Kamala's bean plant 5th May 2020

Year 1 - 4th May 2020

Year 1 - 1st May 2020

Year 1 - 30th April 2020 Amended to see maths pictures

Year 1 - 29th April 2020

Year 1 - 28th April 2020

Bean planting

Kamala shows you how to plant a bean

Jack and the _____________ story map

Film about planting to follow shortly.

Year 1 - 27th April 2020

Year 1 - 24th April 2020

Year 1 - 23rd April 2020

Year 1 - 22nd April 2020

Here is a picture of the Giant to help you think of adjectives

Year 1- 21st April 2020

Jack and the Beanstalk

This video is about Jack and the Beanstalk

Here is a picture of a beanstalk to help you with your drawing for science.

Year 1 - 20th April 2020

A poem about a feather

Enjoy a poem about a feather

Year 1 - April 3rd 2020

Year 1 - April 2nd 2020

One of our activities today and tomorrow is our whole school challenge to create something out of an egg box. Please follow the link for more information.

Year 1 - April 1st 2020

'Fat Cat' read by Kamala

Enjoy a bedtime story

Year 1 - 31st March 2020

Year 1- March 30th 2020

Pictures of the British Seaside for English

Photo of spring tree for our observational drawing for today.

Hi Year 1.

This week (week beginning 23.3.20) please complete the activities in your home learning packs that were sent home last week. You could use the hundred square to practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

You could also do some Numbots online. Logins are in your reading records.

From next week your home learning activities will be uploaded on the home learning page for Year 1.