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St Saviour's Church Schools

Goodbye Midnight – end of an era!

With the summer holiday looming, and the children off it was decided that our feathered friend, Midnight would greatly benefit some summer company. We are happy to say that we have found her a happy home, with a leafy garden in which to peck and roam.


It was a school councillor, 12 years ago who came up with the original idea of rescuing ex battery hens, selling their eggs and investing in the saving of more ex-battery hens. The reception area was well known for having eggs for sale daily. The number of parents and children who became regular visits to the coop during the summer holiday has been astonishing: often with the same faces returning time and time again. Of course, the hens have been a hit at break times with the children, and for some children they have benefited hugely by their presence. Of course there have been some funny moments- an escapee walking past Ms Birkett’s classroom with children calling out in their maths lesson ‘ Ms Birkett, Ms Birkett, there’s a chicken outside the classroom, followed in hot pursuit by Mr Beament and 3 other adults! Thankfully, she was soon captured and returned to safety. 


Who would have believed that 12 years ago when we won £2000 in a Bath Chronical project, that we would give a special home to a total of 21 chickens and made an impression on so many people.