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St Saviour's Church Schools

Updates on school communications

Dear Parents and Carers,


Updates on School communications

We are delighted to announce that our new school website was launched over the weekend.


The new website link is:


If you have problems with the website display, please press ‘Ctrl+F5’ to refresh the page.

Please take time to explore the new website and familiar yourself with the layout. Over the next few months we will continue to update the pages and add information, news and updates.


School website online calendar

We now have one online calendar that holds all planned events for both schools. In order to make this as clear as possible we have made some changes to the colour coding of the events.


The coloured categories on the online calendar are showed in the image below.


This list is displayed next to the online calendar and clicking on any event will give you more information.


Please note that if you have subscribed to the Infant and/or Junior online calendar via the old websites these will need to be deleted from your device. You will then need to subscribe to the new St Saviour’s online calendar using this link:


When you click on the above link you can choose to subscribe to Infant or Junior School events separately rather than all categories. If you choose to do this don’t forget to also sign up to ‘Infant and Junior School Events’ as well to make sure you don’t miss anything.


The Junior School has always had a very active Twitter feed sharing photos, messages and celebrating learning. We have now updated our Junior Twitter feed to include photos, messages and updates for both schools. We have also changed the Twitter Handle and Twitter page name.


The Twitter handle has changed to @St_SavioursBath


The web address for this account is now


If you previously followed the Junior School Twitter feed you will automatically follow this new account. If you currently only follow the Infant School account you will now need to now follow the new feed to continue to see the Twitter posts.


The Twitter link can be found on the new website homepage.



We now have a Facebook page for the St Saviour’s Schools.

This can be found and followed here:


The Facebook page link can be found on the new website homepage.


What next?

Over the next few months we will be exploring and planning to improve the following aspects of school communications and systems including:


  1. One email communication system
  2. One joint telephone system
  3. One payment system
  4. One ‘Parents’ Evening’ online booking system


As I am sure you would appreciate, bringing two schools together, exploring better ways of working together and implementing change can take time. We want to get these decisions right and therefore always take the time to evaluate the situation, explore available systems and training staff to make sure this happens effectively.


Any feedback on our new website would be gratefully received. Please email with the subject ‘Website Feedback’.


Best Wishes,


Mr Beament

Executive Headteacher

St Saviour’s Infant Church School and St Saviour’s Junior Church School



Twitter: @St_SaviourBath