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St Saviour's Church Schools

Remembrance at St Saviour's

Today the children were part of our Remembrance Assembly. 


Children from Year 4 and 6 read poems and we had a minutes silence to remember all the brave men and woman that have lost their lives in conflicts since World War One.


We also discussed the special link our school has with World War One and the school's previous Headteacher George Strong who went to fight in World War One and died in action. We also looked at the memorial in our library that lists the names of all the former students and staff that died in World War One.


The photos below are extracts from the Headteacher's log when Mr Strong went to war and when the announcement of his death was made to the school.


Here are the poems and prays shared by the children:



  1. In Flanders Fields read by Year 6 (Esther and Eric)
  2. Poems: ‘ Silence’ read by Year 4 (Albie and Anna)
  3. Prayers (Daniel, George, Joel)
  4. 1 minute silence

Year 4 Poems


Silence for the heroic brave men that died just for us,

Silence for the minutes to remember all the people who died,

Silence for the families with tsunami tears in their eyes,

Silence for the soldiers that didn’t get a long life.

(Albie Ball)




I could smell blood in the air wafting around,

The bright, red poppies everywhere I see,

I see clouds on everyone’s faces,

No laughter,

No singing,

Completely silent.

(Anna Thomas)


School Council Prayers

Dear Lord,

Let there be peace in our hearts,

Be thankful that we’ve survived all the wars in the past,

Let the strife and conflict be gone.


(Daniel – year 4)


Dear Lord,

We thank you for your support,

We shall remember those who were lost,

They will always be in our hearts.


(George – Year 6)


Dear God,

Thank you for those soldiers who risked their lives for us,

Help us to remember those who were affected by the war,

And give love to the injured and the hurt in wars at the moment.