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Weekly roundup – Infant School


Well, the beautiful sunshine has definitely enhanced our Science week learning about Growth. We’ve been able to get out and about daily. 


The nursery children have been finding out about frogs. They went to Paul’s garden to see if they could find some. They were in luck, Mandy spotted one hiding under a rock, just peering out. There was loads and loads of frog spawn. Did you know that frogs have four toes on their front feet and five toes on their back feet? 


Reception began their week planting. 


Zaedyn said, ‘Look at my bean it’s sprouted! I put it in the bag with cotton wool and water. The sun is helping it to grow.’ 

Zaedyn and Tommy then showed me their caterpillars. Tommy said, ‘They are all on the roof and they are nearly getting to do their cocoon.’  

‘It’s also called a chrysalis.’ Said Zaedyn. 


Year 1 and 2 have been hunting for worms. 


Alys told me, ‘We went to dig worms up in the Kitchen Garden. I found Burrowing worms. I know it was a Burrowing worm because it was fat and pink. Other worms are Surface Dwellers and Earth worms. 

Iris said, ‘Worms poo out compost.’ 

Thomas A said, ‘Deep Burrowers or Red Heads can live 2 metres underground.’ 


Kenya class told me that they were also thinking about Penguins and their nests. 


Bethany told me, ‘We watched a little clip and talked about how the nest needed to protect the chick from the wind, rain and sun. The nest structure needs to be deep and strong. I made my nest using sticks and leaves and I made it by a tree so that the tree could protect it.’ 

Grace added, ‘Penguin’s poo is pink because of what they eat!’ Can you guess what this might be? 


We’ve all had a great time being scientists, asking questions and sharing our thinking. Thanks to the Science and Technology Team for organising. 


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Splishy, splashy fun Nursery 

Sewing in Egypt 

Sewing in Zambia 


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I hope that you have a lovely sunshiny weekend and return Monday rested for Week 5. 


Best wishes