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Your 'Monkey Mind'

Year 6 had a special visitor this week from Don Macpherson the author of the book ‘How to master your Monkey Mind’ 


Within the session Don explained what we mean when we use the Buddhist term...'Monkey chatter' and how to control the negative, unhelpful thoughts ‘he’ can give us when we are feeling anxious. The children were shown how to breath correctly and relax!


Breathing calmly from our tummies, not our chest, and explained how important breathing is for us to control our emotions. Together, the children all spoke about what makes them feel anxious and how it makes our bodies feel. Don and Mrs Brunton (Don’s daughter and one of our Teaching Assistants) reassured the children that their emotions are all normal and are there for a reason and learning how they make us feel and how to control them that matters most.


Don and Mrs Brunton gave the children the tools to do this in the MP3 recording that has now been shared with the children and families.


The last part of this session was discussing the use of visualisation to help the Year 6 children get ready for Key Stage 2 tests next week and other exams  they will sit in the furture.